Resume Objective Statements are NOT Dead!

By: Jeff Johnson   |   February 07, 2017

If you’ve heard that the trend of using an “Objective” section to start off your resume is dead, we’re here to tell you it is not. At On Time Talent Solutions, we read a lot of resumes and we believe that this one section alone has the power to summarize the opportunity that you’re truly seeking as a candidate and help employers crystallize their perception of you almost immediately.

Great objective statements typically answer three questions:

  1. Are you qualified?
  2. How do you stand out?
  3. What Do You Want?

Here are some of our favorite sample resume objective statements that we’ve seen thus far this year.

 “Experienced Assisted Living Operations Manager (ARE YOU QUALIFIED?) with a track record for compliance, cost containment, and expansion planning (HOW DO YOU STAND OUT?) seeks regional leadership role that will support continuous improvement in a well-established, national assisted living management company (WHAT DO YOU WANT?)” 

The above candidate applied for an Executive Director position at a national provider of senior care with housing. When we saw this objective, we immediately knew that he had done his research on the position that he was applying for and was able to articulate his experience in a succinct and effective manner.

Here’s another great example:

“Physical Therapist with 10 years of hands-on care in inpatient, outpatient, and acute settings (ARE YOU QUALIFIED?) wants to bring high quality, client-focused care (HOW DO YOU STAND OUT?) to the home care setting (WHAT DO YOU WANT?)

The above candidate applied for a Physical Therapy position with a major home health agency that we work with. When we saw her objective, we immediately were drawn to her strong experience that she was able to effectively display and her genuine care for client health that was evident.

Remember: Your resume objective lays the groundwork for the rest of your resume. It helps set the framework for your experience and accomplishments to shine through and get noticed by prospective healthcare recruiters.

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