OTM: Interviews or Poker Games? You Be The Judge.
By: Jeff Johnson   |   March 14, 2017


Have you ever been a part of an interview that lacks excitement or even facial expressions? Since when should employment interviews be like poker games? We’ve found that when the employers we work with enter an interview with excitement and anticipation of a great opportunity and potentially great fit of the candidate, the candidate in-turn responds more favorably too! A few tips:

Don’t be afraid to use phrases like “if given the OPPORTUNITY to join our team” – This builds confidence and excitement for the candidate and creates a much more positive overall interview experience!

Remember that when you’re excited, it sends a clear and positive message to the candidate – Telling them that they should be confident in themselves and present the very best of their work during the interview process. They may start thinking of themselves in the role even before an offer and then come offer and negotiation time, this mindset can lead to a solid offer accept that happens quickly.

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