OTM: How to Attract & Retain Today’s Top Healthcare Talent

By: Jeff Johnson   |   April 24, 2017


A recent national survey of nurses, therapists, and primary care providers revealed some startling statistics that have caught the attention of healthcare employers – namely: Retention.

Of the healthcare professionals surveyed, 29% anticipate changing employers in the next year and another 41% are unsure if they want to stay with their current employer – that’s 70% of the healthcare professionals surveyed that may switch employers in the next year!

This retention issue poses a tremendous risk for current employers and a fantastic opportunity for those looking to recruit new talent. By offering something new or different to candidates, today’s healthcare employers can attract, engage, and retain top talent.

Here are our top three ways:
1. Higher Pay – While this seems obvious, a bump in salary was one of the key reasons that the healthcare professionals surveyed were considering leaving their current employer. Don’t underestimate the power of compensation to attract and retain top clinical talent.

2. More Rewarding & Challenging Work – Often great employees considering a new opportunity just might not feel that challenged or rewarded in their current role. This factor alone ranked in the top 3 reasons why healthcare employees seek out a new opportunity.

3. Better Work Hours – Several healthcare professionals surveyed cited better work hours as another top reason to seek a new opportunity. Sometimes offering healthcare candidates a more convenient work schedule can help you attract great talent.  

As a leader in healthcare recruiting, we often see many of these same motivations driving our candidates to look for new opportunities. This information is helpful as we work with our employer partners to strategically recruit and secure the best talent for their organizations.

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