OTM: How “Innocent” are Your Interview Questions?
By: Jeff Johnson   |   March 21, 2017


How “innocent” are your innocent interview questions? Interviewing candidates is one of the best ways to find the right fit for your organization, but if done incorrectly an interview can open your company up to litigation and more. Here are our top tips for avoiding those not so “innocent” interview questions:

  • Small Talk is Great, but Be Careful What You Ask – Often when you make small talk with candidates, your guard is down. This is when taboo subjects can come up and are more likely to be discussed.
  • Avoid Dangerous Topics – These include marital status, religion, country of origin, native language, parental status, disability status, gender, age, and lifestyle choices – anytime your conversation meanders into these areas you open up yourself and your organization to potential employment discrimination action and lawsuits brought on by candidates.
  • Evaluate All Candidates Against the Same Criteria – The only truly fair way to interview is to establish specific criteria for each position and interview each candidates against that criteria. The baseline must be the same for everyone.

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