Key Insights from LinkedIn’s 2016 Talent Survey

By: Jeff Johnson   |   March 07, 2017

Whether you’ve been using an outside recruitment partner for years or are just beginning to think about engaging a talent agency to help you find the right candidates for your open positions, you’re on the right track according to LinkedIn’s recently published 2016 Contractor and Full-Time Talent Trends Survey.

With more and more businesses interested in partnering with outside recruiting firms, we wanted to see what else the research team had learned from getting feedback directly from the talent marketplace.  Surveying over 18,000 LinkedIn members, this study provides some powerful insights. Here are our top 3 insights on candidate activity and behavior that we thought you would find most helpful.  According to the report:

  1. 84% of surveyed professionals want to talk to headhunters at search and staffing firms.
  2. 70% of full-time workers are passively considering opportunities.
  3. 29% of full-time positions were found through a third-party headhunter, while 38% of contractors landed their next gig with the help of a healthcare recruiting agency.

Clearly, supplementing your own recruitment efforts with those of an agency is welcome by candidates and may be the key to filling your roles faster.

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